Debt Free for Life is David Bach’s latest book.  Like his other books it is easy to read and understand about how to manage your finances.  The book includes ways to get out of debt and change your habits to stay that way.  One of the first steps is to organize your debt.  It may seem scary, but you cannot solve something if you don’t know how much you owe.  If you make a list of your debts either by smallest balance due to largest, or highest interest rate to lowest.  Some people suggest paying off smallest debt first so the quick win will keep you motivated to keep going.  Others say to pay the highest interest rate ones first, to save on interest.  Either way works, as long as you commit to getting and staying out of debt.

One of his other books is The Automatic Millionaire.  Yesterday, he was launching a new website,, Automatic Millionaire International.  There was so much response that the server crashed.  They will be updating the site with a new date of launching.

I have read all 12 of his books and would recommend them all.  Some of his other books are Smart Women Finish Rich and Smart Couples Finish Rich.

Nancy Kvamme

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