If you are getting the winter blahs, it is easy to freshen things up a little by just making a few changes. A lot of the stores have their bedding and other home items on sale now.

You don’t have to spend a lot to make a big difference. Last week, I stopped at Family Dollar. They have comforter sets from $25-$45. I got a 3 piece comforter set, a Starburst mirror and clock for $40 and got a $5 giftcard from a coupon that was valid last week. So the next day I went back and got a $10 shower curtain for $5. They also have inexpensive decorating items.

You can also check out dollar stores for frugal decorating items,

So if you have the time to look around a little, you can spice up your décor.

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Nancy Kvamme

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