Monthly archive: December 2010

I was watching the show, Mike and Molly tonight on CBS.  They were exchanging gifts for their first Christmas together.  Mike gave her a diamond bracelet.  When Molly opened it, she told him he could not afford that.  He told her he could, it was only 110 easy monthly payments.  When she pointed out that [...]

In yesterday’s Forum there was an <a href=>article</a> that because of the recession Marvin Windows will not be giving bonuses to their employees. It is only the 5th year they have not given bonuses in their 54 year history. They have also had their hours cut for the past few months instead of laying off [...]

A couple of tools to get kids into the habit of saving are <a href=htt://>Money Savvy Generation Money Banks</a> and <a href=>Moon Jar</a>.  The Money banks are shaped like a pig or a football,  they have 4 separate chambers for saving, spending, donating and investing.  The Moon Jar is the same concept, with 3 separate [...]

On Oprah today, she had a segment on <a href=>dressing for less</a>.  There was a couple with 2 teenagers and an 11 year old.  Even the 11 year old thought she needed expensive designer clothes and accessories.  The designer showed them they can buy designer quality clothes at TJ Maxx and other stores for a [...]

In a previous <a href=>post</a> I mentioned how to save money at the drugstores on everyday items.  One day at Walgreens I had a couple Register Rewards printing out, and the clerk said it was better odds than the casino. Today I paid $3 at CVS for $20 worth of items and got $3  of [...]

On the the most important things to do to stay on track financially is to track your expenses.  Even if you start doing it for a week, either mark down everything you spend in a small notebook or keep your receipts and mark them down in the evening.  By doing this, you can see where [...]

Used book sale at downtown library today from 1-5.

One of the reasons many people are in financial difficulties is that it is so easy to satisfy our need for instant gratification. With many stores offering payment plans and the ease of getting credit cards it is easy to buy what you want, when you want it on payments. Sometimes it is fine to [...]

One of the newest ways to save money is daily deal sites.

Although gifts are a part of the holiday season, they don’t have to mean ending up with a bunch of clutter.