Monthly archive: December 2010

There are two new services available at the Fargo Public Library, email notices and Library2Go, downloadable books and movies. You can sign up for email courtesy notices at the Check-Out desk to save on overdue fines. The library will email you a reminder notice 2 days before your library items are due. Also, if you [...]

One of my Christmas memories is gifts from my grandma.  On my mom’s side there are almost 30 cousins, and my Grandma felt like she still needed to buy us gifts.  For a few years she would bake us each some of our favorite things.  Then when she ended up living in the nursing home [...]

One of the common things we hear often is “You are what you eat”, but it is also “You are what you think”.  The last couple of years I have been studying about the Law of Attraction and had remarkable results. If you keep saying your are busy, overweight, stressed, etc that is what you [...]

I was watching the show, Mike and Molly tonight on CBS.  They were exchanging gifts for their first Christmas together.  Mike gave her a diamond bracelet.  When Molly opened it, she told him he could not afford that.  He told her he could, it was only 110 easy monthly payments.  When she pointed out that [...]

On the way home this afternoon, I heard on the radio that Brad Paisley is offering a free download of his new song for the next week.  At < a href=>This is Country Music</a> you can register to receive the free download.  It is available from Dec. 13 – Dec. 20.

Heirlooms is an upscale resale store located at 1617 32 Ave S, Fargo with the proceeds supporting the work of Hospice of the Red River Valley. This week they have Christmas décor 50% off. Most of the donations are finer items no longer needed because of a change in a family situation, redecorating or relocating. [...]

This week there were <a href=>reports</a> made to local police about a mystery shopping scam. In the reports, people received emails stating that to complete a mystery shopping assignment they would receive a money order, cash it at their bank to pay for the purchase and send the remainder back to the company. However, the [...]

In yesterday’s Forum there was an <a href=>article</a> that because of the recession Marvin Windows will not be giving bonuses to their employees. It is only the 5th year they have not given bonuses in their 54 year history. They have also had their hours cut for the past few months instead of laying off [...]

The latest selection for <a href=>Oprah’s Book Club</a> was announced the other day. It is called a Date with Dickens and includes A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations. On the website you can print out a reading schedule and also a bookmark template with the reading schedule on it. Online discussions will begin [...]

A couple of tools to get kids into the habit of saving are <a href=htt://>Money Savvy Generation Money Banks</a> and <a href=>Moon Jar</a>.  The Money banks are shaped like a pig or a football,  they have 4 separate chambers for saving, spending, donating and investing.  The Moon Jar is the same concept, with 3 separate [...]