If you have recently received a NOOK or get one for Christmas, Barnes and Noble is hosting <a href=http://store-locator.barnesandnoble.com/store/2606>events</a> to help you get started.

They will help you set up your new account so you are able to start reading books on your NOOK right away. The events start at 7:00 and the tutorials will follow at 7:30 pm.

The events start on Sun, Dec 26 and there are multiple events scheduled during the week.

On Tues, Jan 4, will a NOOK Event to help you learn how to get the most out of your NOOK. You will learn how to manage your NOOK bookshelf, shop the NOOK bookstore and sideload your documents, music, audio books and images.

People with laptops are invited to bring them to all of the events.

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