Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews this year are <a href=>Money Savvy money banks</a> with money in them.  They are available in a variety of colored pigs and a football.  They have 4 separate chambers for Saving, Spending, Donating and Investing.

I had an early Christmas with my brother’s family yesterday so my 11 year old nephew and 6 year old niece opened theirs.  The 3 month old was not too interested, actually I think he slept through gift opening. 

After they opened their gifts we had the chance to explain some of the meanings of the words on the bank.  About saving a portion of the money you get for something bigger that you may want.  Being able to spend a certain amount.  Examples of donating are collection at church and Sunday School.  Their Sunday School offering goes to different charities each year.  And usually when we think of investing, we think of investing in stocks, etc.  But also, investing in college fund, car, lake property were some ideas we came up with yesterday.

So, even though it was different than a variety of gifts I usually buy for them, this one will last and continue to grow for years to come.  Also, the lessons they will gain by learning how to handle their money.

Nancy Kvamme

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