Monthly archive: December 2010

If you have recently received a NOOK or get one for Christmas, Barnes and Noble is hosting <a href=>events</a> to help you get started. They will help you set up your new account so you are able to start reading books on your NOOK right away. The events start at 7:00 and the tutorials will [...]

There was a recent <a href=>article </a> about the true cost of owning certain items. Even though the initial price of items may not seem like a lot but some things have higher costs to own than you may realize. Some of these include e-readers, smart phones, and other gadgets. E-readers The number of consumers [...]

A couple weeks ago at the Fargo Library book sale, a couple of the books I got were 2 of the Lists to Live by books by Alice Gray, Steve Stephens and John Van Diest.  They include lists dealing with a variety of topics including Success, Friendship, Health, Marriage & Romance, Home & Finances, Teens and [...]

The <a href=|collegedebtcrisis|&par=vty> Price of Admission – America’s College Debt Crisis</a> documentary was on CNBC tonight. I think it will be on again on 12/26. It was a look at how student’s are getting into trouble with student loans. Now some of the students are getting their loan disbursements on a debit card. One thing [...]

The ‘Main Street Revolution’ is a partnership between and small and minority-owned business owners across the United States. The initiative creates a national marketing and distribution channel for producers of consumer products by providing the opportunity to sell their products on and (B2B website). It is designed to increase the visibility of [...]

There was an <a href=>article</a> in today’s <a href=>The Forum of Fargo Moorhead</a> about a new survey showing that North Dakotans may not be as financially capable as the average American. Overall, the results showed some signs of North Dakota’s economic strength in the midst of the recession. The survey was conducted from June to [...]

Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews this year are <a href=>Money Savvy money banks</a> with money in them.  They are available in a variety of colored pigs and a football.  They have 4 separate chambers for Saving, Spending, Donating and Investing. I had an early Christmas with my brother’s family yesterday so my 11 [...]

I know by now if you are done Christmas shopping, more shopping is the last thing on your list but if you keep your eyes open during the After Christmas sales you can save money and be ahead time next year. When I had my first apartment, I didn’t have much for Christmas decorations, but [...]

One way parents are finding deals on toys and clothes are <a href=>toy-swap sites</a>. A few of the sites on line are <a href=>Toy Swap</a>, <a href=>Thred Up</a> and <a href=>Swap Mamas</a>. With Thredup you can browse the available boxes, post a box of gently worn clothes that your child no longer wears, then when [...]

A documentary, Price of Admission: America’s College Debt Crisis will premiere on CNBC on Tuesday, December 21 at 8 pm. On my DirecTv guide it shows it is on again at 9:00 that night also. It may also be on Sunday, December 26 also. I will write a review of it if I get a [...]