One of the most popular topics in today’s world is money and the economy.  I realize some people are in trouble financially because of health problems and other circumstances beyond their control.  But in many others, there are steps that can be taken to be more control of your finances.

Many personal finance “experts” got interested in it becaue they were in trouble financially and worked theri way out. of the trouble.

I have been fortunate financially but have always had a n interest in learning how to manage my finances and now want to help others with theirs.

There are a couple of blogs I follow regularly that are written by people that worked their way out of financial problems.  The first one is <a href=>The Simple Dollar</a> written by Trent Hamm.  The other is <a href=>Get Rich Slowly</a> by JD Roth and guest writers.

Both of the blogs offer information for both people starting out financially and also information to keep things on track.

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Nancy Kvamme