With the holidays coming up it is more important than ever to realize being with your family and people you care about is what this time is really about. The society has become so commercialized that the presents and parties begin to overtake us.

If you are in the situation where your income is not what it used to be. One of the first things you must do is cut back your spending to match your income. In many cases, when people lose their jobs or experience a decrease in income they do not adjust their spending. This is an easy way to get into trouble quickly. I realize this is difficult to do, especially with the holidays. It is not easy to let others know you are having difficulties or to cut back when it comes to spending on your children. But it is something you must consider or you will suffer worse consequences later.

Some of our most memorable gifts were the simplest. My mother came from a family of 10 siblings. When my grandmother got older and there were quite a few of us grandchildren, she still felt like she should get each of us something. First, she would make each of us some baked goods. Then in the later years, we each got a pair of socks. It has been many years but we still talk about getting socks from Grandma.

So even if you can’t buy all the latest toys and things the kids want, look for ways to make memories instead.

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Nancy Kvamme