On Saturday I had a booth at Woman’s Showcase at the FargoDome for the first time.  It was fun to talk to people about how they feel about their finances and teaching kids about finances.  A number of people I talked to were on the right track and some were in the process of starting over.  Many were interested in teaching their kids about money and some had questions about how to help their kids.

There were some that had grown kids that were not interested in budgeting.  Spending all of their money on cigarettes, etc.  It is important to teach them that you need to be responsible with your money.  But learning to budget and watch your spending is a habit that needs to be learned and like any other habit you are trying to change it takes time and effort.  Just like dieting, with budgeting you need to take small steps and not deprive yourself too much.  If you deprive yourself too much you will get discouraged and are more likely not to succeed.

I also did a presentation relating finances and budgeting to shoppping and fashion using the book, “So Many Shoes, So Little Money”.  Had a good turnout and great time.

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