If you are don’t have tortilla chips or want to try something new, try this recipe for

I mixed together pinto beans and salsa and warmed thru. After the potatoes had cooked I topped with the bean mixture, cheese, lettuce and cabbage.

While I was looking for a recipe to use the cauliflower and broccoli from a recent CSA box I came upon this Broccoli Corn Salad. I used both broccoli and cauliflower. You can add any ingredients you have on hand. I left out the cranberries and sliced the carrots instead of shredding them.

The dressing is only mayo and ranch dressing. You could add spices if you wanted to. I had Cucumber Ranch dressing so I used that to give it a different flavor.

Shredding any personal papers that have your account numbers and other information is an important step to take in order to protect your identity.

Here is information on how long it is recommended to keep certain documents. Some items such as bank statements and credit card statements may be accessed online.

Secure Your ID Day is an opportunity to have some of your documents shredded for free.

The events will be held Saturday, October 11 from 8am to 1 pm at the ND events.

Locations are:
Bismarck: Wells Fargo, 1050 E. Interstate Avenue

Fargo: Wells Fargo, 2501 13th Avenue South

The public and business community is invited to bring up to two boxes or bags of documents to be shredded. Documents to be shredded should be removed from binders, but staples, paper clips and CDs are okay as is.

Click here for participating locations around the United States.

If you are looking for a unique Halloween costume, you may want to check out the sale at The Stage at Island Park this week. Following is a post that was on their Facebook page.

Visit The Stage at Island Park THIS WEEK for tips on Halloween costumes from stage costumers and to pick up a few items to make Halloween your very own this year!

The Stage at Island Park at 333 4th St S, Fargo will be hosting a rummage sale with used costume pieces and general clothing items this week on Thursday (9-7), Friday (9-6) and Saturday (9-2)! Stop in for some examples of regular clothing transformed into spooky, clever costumes!

I did some baking over the weekend to have snacks for the week and warm up the house some. One of the recipes I made was Cinnamon Raisin Quick Bread. I left out the raisins and added some granola instead.

I used a DIY Muffin Mix to make blueberry muffins. This recipe is to make up a larger mix of muffin mix so you have it on hand and just need to add the wet ingredients and any add ins when you are ready to make muffins. I used blueberries that I had purchased earlier and froze.

I was walking through the Fargo JCPenney store today and saw a few racks of swimsuit separates clearanced at $2.97 each (regular $30-$50 each). The racks were back in the area by the salon.

It may not be worth making a special trip due to the limited sizes bit if you are in the area.

I got 3 tops for an upcoming trip for about $10 instead of $100.

I recently tried a recipe for Vegetable Pot Pie. I used a store bought crust instead of making one. I used potatoes, carrots, corn and broccoli, since that’s what I had on hand.

It is a great way to use up vegetables you may have. You could also use canned or frozen if you don’t have fresh vegetables.

It turned out great and tasted wonderful on the cold day.

One of the personal finance authors I have followed for years and recommended to others is David Bach. He has authored several books including Smart Women Finish Rich, Smart Couples Finish Rich, Start Late Finish Rich, The Automatic Millionaire and others.

A large part of his writing focuses on the small expenses and making saving automatic. The phrase, “The Latte Factor” which he uses refers to the small expenses that can add up quickly such as coffee, bottled water and other expenses.

He also suggests to make your savings automatic out of your paycheck or bank account so there is less temptation to skip a month or two.

He has a new seminar geared towards women that is being presented in some cities. In it he will discuss 9 Steps to help you plan for your financial future and retirement. The cost of the seminar is $15.

If you can’t attend the seminar, I would suggest his books as a great start or refresher to getting your finances in order.

I have been looking for table lamps for my bedroom and family room. On a recent trip to the thrift store, I came across the two lamps above. They were $10 each. Regularly they are about $30 each.

The second photo shows how it matches the floor lamp I already had.

With the prices of many things continuing to rise it is more important than ever to find ways to make you money go further. Jessica from GoodCheapEats.com is doing a series in October on ways to save money on groceries. Each day she will have a tip or idea of how to save money.

One way I save money on groceries is to purchase items I use regularly when they are on sale. A couple of things I usually have a few extra of are ketchup and mayonnaise. Last week, I noticed I was out of Miracle Whip and this week it is on sale at Hornbachers for more than half price. It is usually almost $5 and on sale from today thru Tues, Oct 7 for $1.98. A couple dollars may not seem like a lot but the savings can add up over time.