According to the Little Free Libary website, a Little Free Library is defined as:

“It’s a “take a book, return a book” gathering place where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. In its most basic form, a Little Free Library is a box full of books where anyone may stop by and pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share. You can, too!”

Pictured above is my Little Free Library which is located at 3022 18th St S, Fargo, ND. There are a variety of books available and it will be changing as I put other books in and others put books in. You can take a book without putting one in or returning it.

There is a map on the website that makes it easy to find Little Free Libraries around the world. It is also easy to start your own library if you choose.

With the holiday weekend, you may be looking for activities to keep your kids busy.

National Park Week is April 19 – 27. To begin the week they are offering free admission to over 400 National Parks on April 19 and 20th. If you are planning on camping, the usual camping charges are applicable. There are special events and activities are specific parks during the week.

The Red River Zoo in Fargo is offering free Carousel rides on Friday, April 18 from 10 to 5.

Crystal from has put together a list of restaurants that offer free or reduced price kids meals. Some offer a certain number of free meals per adult meals that are paid for.

Below are some articles on warehouse and bulk shopping

7 ways warehouse clubs get you to spend more

15 things not to buy at Costco

Costco Price Codes

20 meals for $150 from Costco or Sam’s Club

It is important to teach kids Financial responsibility as they are growing up.

I saw a diagram online with tips of ideas for different age groups to teach kids about money.

Coldwter Creek announced today that they are filing for bankruptcy. If you shop at Coldwater Creek stores, below is information from their website about the details and return policies.

Even though the store is closing, you may be able to find items at resale stores in the future. I have purchased items of basic colors and styles that are still in style for a fraction of the original price at resale and thrift stores.

“What we announced
•On April 11, 2014, Coldwater Creek filed for bankruptcy in order to facilitate an orderly wind-down of our operations.
•We want to express to you, our valued customers what a difficult and painful decision this was for everyone involved in our company. Unfortunately, this decision came only after we made every effort possible to sustain Coldwater Creek as a viable business.
Appreciation to you, our customer
•On behalf of all of us at Coldwater Creek, it has been a privilege to serve you, and it is with deepest gratitude that we thank you for your loyalty and your business over the past 30 years.
Impact to you, our customer
•Coldwater Creek’s stores and website are currently open for business and we remain committed to serving you.
•To facilitate the wind-down, Coldwater Creek will be conducting going-out-of-business sales at a later date. Information about those sales and store closings will be made available on our website.
Customer Policies
•We will continue to accept valid returns and price adjustments under our current policy through May 7, 2014. However, we will not issue cash refunds beginning Friday April 11, 2014 through Monday April 14, 2014.
•We will continue to honor the redemption of any coupons, certificates and merchandise credits with a valid expiration date through May 7, 2014.
•We will continue to honor gift cards in our stores and on our website. However effective April 11, 2014 they will no longer be for sale.
•We will continue to honor Spa Series Cards in our spas. However effective April 11, 2014 they will no longer be for sale.
•Coldwater Creek credit cards may continue to be used as tender, however the future earned benefits of these programs has been suspended.
•Effective April 11, 2014 new credit cards can only be opened in our stores.
•Effective April 11, 2014, we have suspended our Rewards loyalty program:
?We will not be able to enroll new members.
?All future benefits of the program, regardless of level achieved, will cease. We will continue to honor any coupons or certificates previously earned with a valid redemption date, until further notice.
•We will no longer accept Groupon coupons. Please contact Groupon directly for resolution.”

April is officially Financial Literacy Month, however, it is important to take care of your finances at anytime of the year.

The experts at Money Management International have put together Thirty Steps to Financial Wellness. Even if you can’t do it at this time, it can be completed at anytime throughout the year. As with most changes, the most important part and sometimes the hardest is taking the first step.

The first step of the plan is to Committ to Change. If you find yourself in debt or living paycheck to paycheck something needs to change for your circumstances to improve.

The stress of financial problems can have an affect on various parts of your life such as your job, marriage and family life. If you are worried about finances, it can affect your productivity at work.

I have pig banks in purple, blue, pink and platinum. I also have football banks.

There is a current sale on the daily deal site, Zulily on Money Savvy Banks and other Money toys.

The banks have separate compartments with separate openings for Save, Spend, Donate and Invest. It is a great way to demonstrate to kids how to split up their money.

I have some Money Savvy banks on hand for sale in the Fargo Moorhead area. The regular price on the website is $18.99 plus shipping. I will sell the ones I have on hand for $10 each with pick up or delivery in the Fargo Moorhead area.

Please leave a comment if you are interested, the comments will not be displayed. I will update the post later today with the colors I have available. I believe I have most colors of the pig banks except red.

I also have some Moonjar banks for $3 for the cardboard banks, Regular price is $8.

Money is one of the subjects that it is difficult for people to talk about. Although it may be helpful to discuss some items there are some subjects that can become awkward. There is an article in today’s Forum about awkward money situations.

I had the honor of being interviewed for the article. As stated in the article, when considering to lend money to someone, think of it as a gift instead of a loan. Also, don’t lend money unless you can afford to lose the money. If you lend money to someone and will need it in the near future for bills and expenses, you may find yourself in financial difficulties if you are not paid back.

Another awkward situation can be when people complain about being broke and you know they make much more money than you do. Also, others who always complain about being broke but seem to have money to go shopping all the time.

Many people are jealous of others who have the big houses, nice cars and clothes but you don’t know how much debt they may be in. With the availability of credit it is easier to look like you make more than you actually do.

You have likely heard of YOLO, an acronym for You Only Live Once. While I feel it may be important to do some things when you are younger and can enjoy it more, it is also important to be able to do those things without jeopardizing your future.

Some people think they should travel and do other things because they never know what will happen. You hear this especially when someone passes away when they are young. While it is important to travel and enjoy yourself it is also important to put money away for your retirement and other future expenses.

After a recent Mega Millions drawing, I heard some people saying the winners should take the lump sum amount and blow it all right away. This is why the majority of people that come into fortunes unexpectedly wind up without money within a few years.

There have been shows on TV about how many are worse off after winning the lottery than they were before.

There was a recent article by Sherri Richards about not letting YOLO jeopardize your financial future. As Sherri states in the article, some people think they can afford to spend money because they have the cash but could it be used for other things such as retirement savings or paying off debt?

It is difficult for younger people to think about putting money away for retirement that they will not have access to for many years. But with the power of compound interest, they will need to put away less money in the long run.

Even if someone is older and think it is not worth putting money away, it is better to save something than nothing.

The Disney movie, Frozen was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tueasday, March 18. Following are some of the current deals on the movie. Make sure the sales are still current before completing your order

1/2 price at

Blu-ray Combo pack possibly as low as $10.99 at ToysRUs. You will want to check with your local store to see if they will honor this. I have seen some comments where they will not deduct the $10 until the Fairy movie is paid in full.

Here is a post from the blog, Pocket Your Dollars with a list of other sale prices and deals on the movie.